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About Us

The Gresham House investment team believes that there is an opportunity to access attractive risk-adjusted returns over a longer time horizon by investing in the underlying ‘hard’ assets required to support UK economic growth. The initial focus of the Gresham House team will be sourcing opportunities in the regional UK housing and infrastructure markets. We believe that these assets can provide an attractive long-term cash flow that benefits from:

  • Defensive nature of underlying sectors
  • Downside protection from underlying asset cover
  • An attractive (often inflation-linked) income stream

Why Invest in Gresham House Housing & Infrastructure

Gresham House believes that there is an opportunity to capture superior risk-adjusted returns in the housing and infrastructure sectors. The sectors are viewed as strategically important for the national, regional and local economies in the UK and generally benefit from substantial asset-backing and/or long-term contractual revenues. We are focused on the less competitive mid-market to maximise this opportunity.

The Gresham House British Strategic Investment Fund LP (BSIF) is a closed-ended fund with a 12-year time horizon in UK housing and infrastructure opportunities. The long-term time horizon allows BSIF to invest “patient capital” into the economically important sectors to deliver both a financial and non-financial return. As the portfolio matures, BSIF will aim to pay a 3-5% p.a. income yield to investors.

The opportunity

We believe that there is an attractive opportunity to invest in the UK’s housing and infrastructure sectors. We believe this is particularly true when focused on the comparatively under-served lower mid-market space. These capital-intensive opportunities typically require a long-term investment horizon and a significant up-front investment of time to realise best value in the long run. We believe we are well placed to capture these opportunities by working with our extensive network of contacts and advisors. These investment opportunities provide a way to harness ongoing secular trends as the UK faces changing demographics and requirements.


Infrastructure can be defined as ‘the essential facilities and services upon which the economic productivity of society depends. These assets are typically involved in the movement of goods, people, water, and energy’ and include:

  • Power generation, transmission and it’s supporting infrastructure
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Transportation
  • Social infrastructure (including healthcare and education)

We believe the market for infrastructure investments in the sub £50 million space is less competitive and more fragmented than larger traditional infrastructure investments. We believe this is primarily due to the resource intensive nature of the investment process for these assets that can limit their attractiveness for some institutional investors.

Fundamentally the UK’s infrastructure requires further investment (£500 billion targeted by the UK Government*) and is important to future economic growth within the UK. We believe that there is an exciting opportunity for funds focused on this market segment.

*Source: www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/675747/Summary_of_National_Infrastructure_and_Construction_Pipeline_2017.pdf


We focus on both direct investments into housing (including development, student accommodation, market rented housing, social housing and specialised housing) and companies that operate within the housing vertical (for example small regional housebuilders).

We believe that housing represents an opportunity to generate asset backed income and capital growth. The UK’s underlying demographics and a historical lack of investment are contributing to a continuing supply and demand imbalance. Combined with increasing affordability challenges, we believe that there is an opportunity for high-quality and affordable housing, outside of prime locations.

By adopting a longer-term approach and focusing on yielding assets, we believe that investors can protect themselves from exposure to underlying trends in and short-term cycles in the housing market.

How to Invest?

At present Gresham House offers investors exposure to the housing and infrastructure sectors through the Gresham House British Strategic Investment Fund (“BSIF”).

BSIF is a 12-year life closed-ended fund targeting institutional investors. Following a first close as £150m, Gresham House is still fund-raising for BSIF and aiming to raise an additional £150 to £350m. For further information please contact Heather Fleming at h.fleming@greshamhouse.com or on 07872685532.


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